14th Sep 2012
Talani Diggs: The Rock and Michael Clarke Duncan in The Scorpion King

Talani Diggs: Tom Hanks Brightens Michael Clarke Duncan’s Memorial Service

Talani Diggs: Big Michael Clark Duncan joins the red hair dye gang in his youth (sounds like a pretty tough gang), according, hilariously, to Tom Hanks. Talani Diggs: Thank God...

03rd Sep 2012
End the Toe Conspiracy: Talani Diggs

RZA Talks to MTV: Talani Diggs is Excited

Check out my Robert Digg’s new article on his recent project, at MTV.com. RZA was quoted saying about his relationship with Quentin Tarantino: “When I met Quentin Tarantino, I kind of met...

29th Jun 2012
Talani Diggs

Hello Internets. News and Events Site for Talani Diggs

Hello all of you, this is Talani Digg‘s site, with news and events on me, Talani Diggs, Wu Tang Clan, RZA, and other random, fun stuff (or interesting stuff). RZA...