RZA Talks to MTV: Talani Diggs is Excited

Check out my Robert Digg’s new article on his recent project, at MTV.com.

RZA was quoted saying about his relationship with Quentin Tarantino:

“When I met Quentin Tarantino, I kind of met my, as we say in martial arts, my Sifu…I asked him if I could become a student of his. That’s a very humbling thing, especially for the RZA.”

Everyone at the Talan Diggs house is of course, so excited about this Fall. Talani Diggs totally is of course. Something really cute after the jump.

Oh, thanks for clicking, check out the toe conspiracy, it’s real, everyone has had this happen!

The Toe Conspiracy, Hilarious, Right? Talani Diggs.

End the Toe Conspiracy: Talani Diggs

End the Toe Conspiracy: Talani Diggs

At the Talani Diggs site, you’ll find cool stuff curated from the internet. So much stuff out there. More to come soon.

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