Talani Diggs Bio

Talani Diggs began modeling by doing local small fashion shows and some print publications. Talani Diggs began her acting career onstage in musicals at the very young age of 10. Talani starred with The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, in the movie The Scorpion King.  Talani was also an assistant for the music composing on the movie Barber Shop.

She signed with Ford Models at the age of 16 and Mrs. Talani Diggs has traveled the world modeling from that point on, being in magazines in America, Europe and Africa. Today Talani is married to Robert Diggs, aka RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the biggest and influential rap groups and in general, music groups in the 90′s. Robert Diggs is ever the Renaissance man and polymath, being that Mr. Diggs is a successful music producer, rapper, actor, and screenwriter

Talani Diggs Modeling Photo

Talani Diggs

Talani Diggs Currently:

Talani Diggs works with her husband, RZA, and is a mother to their son and her step-children. Talani is also entering the online world in full force with a Talani Diggs website, Talani Diggs blog and a Talani Diggs photo blog.

Talani Diggs helped start Montaege Inc. with her sister, and is currently the President of the company. The company is located in West Hills, California.

Talani Diggs hopes to work with her sister, Celeste Burton, in developing the company to be a force in the world of shoes. Montaege’s mission is to offer the growing number of women around the globe who wear shoe sizes 9 1/2-13 a beautifully made line of footwear for every occasion at guilt-free, reasonable, value-added prices.

Talani on her shoe company:

“Right from conception in 2007, we had a clear-cut agenda for our company. Aside from making sure we manufactured high-quality footwear at an excellent price point, we also made a conscious decision to offer footwear from sandals to boots that incorporated both classic and trendy styles in the collection.”

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