Talani Rabb Turns Into Talani Diggs

We (Talani Rabb and Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, RZA) got married on August, 29th, 2009.  I became Talani Diggs in the city of Santa Barbara, in sunny, beautiful, California. It was a Four Season Biltmore Wedding and we’re still going strong.

This was the day I become Mrs. Talani Diggs:

Talani Diggs and Robert Diggs Wedding

Talani Diggs and Robert Diggs Wedding

Kind words from enLuce Photography on our wedding 3 years ago:

What a gorgeous and the wonderfully kind couple Talani and Robert are! They are beyond radiant and their friends and family love them to pieces! What an exquisite decor planned by the awesome, Rebecca Gigandet of Imagine Weddings & Events in Santa Barbara. Their ceremony & reception took place on the grounds of The Four Seasons Biltmore and to say there was an abundance of talented musicians there would be an understatement. Russell Fowler Studios captured a lot of the incredible music and dancing on video and Red Shoe DJ added there cool musical vibe when someone wasn’t jamming. There was so much great music and dancing! Talani and Robert’s son was the ring bearer and couldn’t have been more proud and adorable. What an honor to be able to capture this talented musician’s commitment to his wife, Talani Diggs.

Thank you enLuce Photography, you guys rock! What amazing wedding photography and video.

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